This page provides the Terms of Service and the Code of Conduct for the Runelanders Community, which includes this website and our Discord server.

Terms of Service:

To be allowed to participate in the Runelanders community, all participants must abide by the following Terms of Service:

• Read, understand and follow our Code of Conduct.

• Behave in a respectful way with your fellow community members and The Runelanders staff.

•  Runelands is an inclusive community and all members and participants are expected to support this important value of our community. We define an inclusive community as being welcoming of all people, genders, gender expressions, sexual or romantic orientations, faiths, and backgrounds and we are anti-racist and anti-sexist. Also, Nazis…FUCK OFF. 

• Use the appropriate text/voice channel for the topic you wish to discuss.

• Do not advertise, solicit or promote unless the channel explicitly allows it.

• Do not spam post, including @mentions, comments, reactions or across multiple channels. (Moderators excepted)

• No @everyone/@here mentioning without permission. (Moderators excepted)

• No inappropriate nicknames including blank, non-readable, sexually explicit, or offensive nicknames.

• No inappropriate profile pictures, including blank, sexually explicit, or offensive profile pictures.

• No inviting bots. (Moderators excepted)

• No using exploits, glitches, hacks, bugs, etc.

• Contact the moderators under #help channel for support.

• The official language of this server is English and all use of the server is to be primarily in English.

• Don’t be a jerk. That means do not troll, harass, post personal information, hack, use exploits, personally attack, engage in hate speech, be offensive, share sexually explicit or pornographic content; as well, this service has a strict no-piracy policy. 

• This service has a strict anti-hate policy for all discussions by members in the service. This includes racist language and ideas, or language or ideas that limit or criticize gender/gender expression, sexual or romantic orientations.

• Be kind, supportive and help everyone have fun.

• Moderators are responsible for the interpretation and application of the Code of Conduct and the Terms of Service and all/any other rules of our community

• Moderators are allowed to edit or delete any post.

• Moderators are allowed to kick or ban users who do not choose to follow the spirit or the letter of the Code of Conduct and the Terms of Service and all/any other rules of our community

• Moderators are the final authority on this server.

• Moderators are allowed to change these rules without notice.

Sound like the kind of place you want to hang out, make friends, and be part of an epic story and community? Alright, then Runatic! Let’s Role!


Welcome to the official Discord server of your favourite curated 5e D&D retro-futuristic fantasy epic! Whether you’re a long-time listener or a new fan, welcome to the Runelands, friend. Before we begin, though, there’re a few rules. 

This is a space for everyone who wants to join in our community, be respectful and have fun together. Our community has important rules and boundaries. If members choose to not respect and follow our rules and boundaries, then they are choosing to no longer be part of our community. 

We strive to be safe, positive, accepting, caring, supportive, friendly, and inclusive. 

This community is about sharing our enjoyment of epic tales of fantasy adventure. We’re all here to be part of a great story and a great community. This is entertainment and does not depict anything real. The community is about enjoying fiction, together. 

We’re here for fun. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t ruin anyone’s fun, including your own. 

Having a down day? We’re here for you to cheer you up and distract you and maybe even lend an ear. But please remember that we’re all here for fun – so in addition to not being a jerk, please don’t be a fun-sucker. 

Here are the specific rules of the Runelanders community. Please be very clear the expectation is to follow the spirit and the letter. Rules-lawyering about these rules isn’t how we roll.