Tag: Character

  • Zivah Heather Hullu

    Zivah Heather Hullu (half-elf necromancer wizard, she/her) is the sort of person you notice immediately when she comes in the room. Her small body is hidden under layers of black […]

  • Narri Hullu

    Narri Hullu is a wiry young man with dark brown hair that just dries like that, green eyes that sparkle even in the dark and a smile that can melt […]

  • Delilah Del Rey, the Light that Never Goes Out

    Scourge Aasimar Sorcerer/Rogue She/Her Delilah is not a tall woman, though you wouldn’t know it to look at her. She positively shines, light suffusing her brown skin and sapphire eyes. […]

  • Ettiene D’Arabette aka Arabet

    ‘Allo, the name’s Bet. Arabet if you want to be formal. I am the Master of the Lost Acre. Guild Thief. I’m Human and born and raised in Bailymena. I […]