• Meanwhile S2E06: Railway to Heaven

    Will the Copperpenny Gang escape the loaded bolters of the Bailymena Transit Authority’s crack BUSTER cops? Find out in this thrilling episode of the world’s greatest curated TTRPG retrofuturistic fantasy […]

  • Mad Adam

    In the beginning, there was Dirt, then Water, then Primordial Soup. A few I don’t know what-the-fucks later, there was me. It didn’t take long and I’ve been around for […]

  • Eric Martin

    I’m Eric Martin, yet another of Narri Hullu’s alternate identities and his agent in the mundane world. I’ve been representating various entities in Tabletop Game Universes since 1994 and am […]

  • Sean Yo

    Hi, I’m Sean. I have been gaming since grade 5 when I discovered the 1st Edition D&D Player’s Handbook in my school library. To be clear, that was the current […]

  • Mr. Matthew

    In His Own Words… Hello, I’m Matthew. Not Matt, please, that is something you walk on, and I try to avoid that. I got my introduction to D&D when I […]

  • Cassie GH

    Cassie GH has, at this point, been gaming for significantly over half her life. She plays the grand old D&Dame as well as newcomers to the field. She enjoys cooking, […]

  • Madfishmonger

    I“I’m a longtime gamer nerd who loves all kinds of systems and had the privilege of writing for Nerdburger’s Capers expansions. I live with ADHD and chronic pain, and find […]

  • Zivah Heather Hullu

    Zivah Heather Hullu (half-elf necromancer wizard, she/her) is the sort of person you notice immediately when she comes in the room. Her small body is hidden under layers of black […]

  • Narri Hullu

    Narri Hullu is a wiry young man with dark brown hair that just dries like that, green eyes that sparkle even in the dark and a smile that can melt […]

  • James Okumoto-Stocovaz

    James is a business student living in Toronto, spending off-time going out with friends or playing games, such as this one! James plays   •Timothe Boulanger• Male Human RangerSeason 2 […]