Across the Runeverse

Launched in 2019, The Runelanders Podcast Series is a curated actual play 5th Ed, Dungeons and Dragon podcast. Each episode is the recording of real players, actually playing 5th Ed. D&D as we tell a story together set in one (or more!) of the nine impossible worlds collectively known as the Runelands. 

Runelanders podcast episodes aren’t your typical D&D AP experience. They’re curated,  edited and scored. We use licensed music for a kick-ass soundtrack. And when we say ‘epic’, we mean it. We’re building a multi-story saga plot arcs that gleefully bash genres together across  tables. Playing characters whose actions shape epochs. We’re making bespoke myths and crafting an original vision of the future as seen by an impossible past. And it’s a hell of a good time.


Our flagship fable follows the forays of a fellowship of felons as they fumble through the suave salons and sinister saloons of byzantine Bailymena, the ancient City of Steel & Steam. It’s a retrofuturistic crime-caper in the grandest of styles, and it is definitely not your typical D&D game. Check it out biweekly wherever you get podcasts, or start here!