Rapscallions 305: Mommy Issues

As Calder begins to arm and outfit the crew, Delilah debriefs them on the Ursa Problem and Arabet decides to be proactive. Meanwhile, Shakir devises a strategy to deal with the complications uncovered at Swann’s.  It’s plots and plans and ploys and schemes, miracles, wishes, hopes and dreams all in this episode of the World’s Greatest Curated Retrofuturistic Fantasy Epic Podcast. Don’t delay, listen today! 

Production assistance from C. Copley, C Goodwin-Harrison, M. Harrison, C. Stocovaz, and Three Otters in a Trenchcoat. 

Cassie Goodwin-Harrison as Delilah Del Rey

Matthew Harrison as
Shakir Askari

Christopher Stocovaz as

Sean Yo as
Khaludur Xavoputra Mahasaudagaraheransuku

All music in this episode is used under license through SOCAN, Creative Commons, or in the public domain.

Dig that sound? Click the play icon in the middle of the record to catch the curated soundtrack!

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