Tallwater Tales S1E01: The Trouble With Vesper

You got a taste at Hallowe’en, and now it’s back! No tricks here, just more treats! Return to Tallwater and discover what’s vexed Vesper so sorely… is our darling devil being dramatic? Is Djurro a giant jerk?

Find out on the latest episode of the World’s Greatest Retrofuturisitic Fantasy Curated AP podcast. Like what you hear? Drop us a line! We’re getting tired of hearing from porn bots!

The Cast

Rebecca Borland as Doctor Magwren
Chance Durant as Garnack Ungart
Nick D as Finn Adler
CJ as Vesper
Greg Setnik as Djurro Volant

All music in this episode is used under license through SOCAN, Creative Commons, or in the public domain.

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