Tallwater Tales S1E0: Concatenation

Allow us to present Tallwater, a young and thriving city far away in the West. It’s the sort of place that has a space for the good, and the bad, and the worst, and the best, and the sane, and the mad, and the cursed, and the blessed…. if not at its world-class University, then at least in its Menagerie. It’s high stakes horror and eldritch action which expands and details our growing and interconnected *Runeverse :tm:*. 

In the pilot episode, we meet the heroes and get familiar with the setting for this new and ongoing series featuring all-new voice actors and setting.  

These are The Tallwater Tales. This is Episode Zero: *Concatenation*. So get ready, Runatics…. and Happy Hallowe’en!

The Players

Rebecca Borland as Doctor Magwren
Nick D as Finn Adler
Chance Durant as Garnack Ungart
CJK as Vesper of Cania
Greg Setnik as Djurro Volant

All music used under license from SOCAN, by Creative Commons or in the public domain.

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