Rapscallions 18.2: Tunnel Trouble

Episode 18.2 of Rapscallions follows the Copperpenny Gang on a rollicking adventure through the upper layers of the Undercity, with all of the perils that entails! It’s a full-speed flight from danger into danger, so sit back, kick back, and enjoy the last bit of the summer with our Labour Day event.

The Gang

The Copperpenny Gang was portrayed by players from Gryphcon, our long-standing local gaming convention which moved to a virtual arena for the quarantine this year. When running this story we took less of a firm hand with sound quality in favour of just having fun. It was a huge success. For more on Gryphcon, check the link!

All music used under license from SOCAN, by Creative Commons or in the public domain.

In this episode:

“Run” by Kill it, Kid
“The Tunnel” by Henry Jackman
“My Name Is Mud” by Primus
“Tunnel Music” by Jóhann Jóhannsson
“Tunnel Trouble” by Chris Tilton, and we finish with something a little different; “Smooth Criminal (In the Style of Alien Ant Farm) [Karaoke Version] by Ameritz Karaoke Entertainment.

Art & Branding

With quick turnaround, fair pricing, and quality work, you can’t go wrong commissioning art from Liz Evans-Gist, whose branding work you can see all over this site. If you’d like to commission some work, you can reach out @crit_liz on twitter, or via patreon.com/lizgist

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