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Hi, I’m Sean.

I have been gaming since grade 5 when I discovered the 1st Edition D&D Player’s Handbook in my school library. To be clear, that was the current version 🙂 I didn’t find anyone to play with until Grade 7 and then things really clicked.

We started with the byzantine Middle Earth Roleplaying Game by Iron Crown Enterprises. We soon discovered the Palladium game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (long live DeathQuill my porcupine murder-hobo) From there we found Heros Unlimited, Rifts, GURPS and more. Shout out to Imperiums to Order, my local gaming store in Kitchener, Ontario.

In university, I was introduced to a whole new world of gaming through the games club at the University of Guelph. New RPGs, crazy homebrews, board games and Magic the Gathering. I helped run the club and ran their annual convention, GryphCon several times.

I build worlds and entire games with friends. We started going to Origins and GenCon. I was there for the release of D&D 3rd and the explosion of D20 games. I am co-author of a couple of Star Wars Living Force RPGA modules and a award-winning d20 fantasy adventure The Bane of Aedunvale.

I’ve been a friend and gaming collaborator with Adam for decades and I’ve been part of this world from the beginning – or at least one of its beginnings. This is one of my favourite tables I’ve had the privilege of playing with and I really look forward to hearing from you about what you think of the story we’re telling together.

When I’m not gaming, I work in software, play hockey and guitar – never at the same time – and try to be the best dad and husband I can be. You can find out more about me at

Sean Plays…

• Khaludur Xavoputra Mahasaudagaraheransuku •

a.k.a. “Master Locke Calder”
Purveyor of Finest Antiquities and Small Wonders

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