Hello, I’m Matthew. Not Matt, please, that is something you walk on, and I try to avoid that.

I got my introduction to D&D when I was about 10 and a much older friend talked about Dragonlance and playing RPGs. It was a few years later when I actually started reading the novels along with some other friends, one of whom broke out his father’s old BECMI books and ran us through some gaming sessions.

We started gathering 2nd ed. AD&D books, running various one-off campaigns, but nothing that really stuck around for very long. I myself fell in love with Planescape, and collected as much of it as I could, indulging in the story and the setting, even though I never really got a chance to run or play in it. I moved on and got into some Old World of Darkness, both tabletop and online.

When I left for college and parted ways with most of my friends, most of my play shifted to the internet and IRC, where I did a lot of RPGing both with systems and without. Video games also made up a large part of my life, culminating in MMORPGs.

I got started in World of Warcraft a month or two after its release, and haven’t stopped playing since. I met my wife playing WoW, and we continue to make it part of our lives. I play in an Exalted game that she runs, and have my own ongoing campaign using the Pathfinder rules in an original setting of my own creation. Recently my old friend broke out the BECMI rules again and we have been reliving some old times and old fun.

I was introduced to Adam through my wife, and while a late entry to the game and the world, I am excited to be a part of it, and hope that listeners will enjoy it as much as I have.

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