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Madfish plays….

Zivah Heather Hullu

Feyborn Wizard (Necromancer)
Season 1, 2 & 3
Meanwhile E03

Zivah’s the sort of person you notice immediately when she comes in the room. Her small body is hidden under layers of black lace, leather, tuille, and silk, dressing exclusively in black with a little purple and silver. She prefers strong, sensible boots as she spends a lot of time working. Her hair is huge – purple-black and piled up in a sort of beehive on top of her head, long onyx sticks topped with amethyst gems holding the hair up. Her skin is so pale it appears to almost shimmer, her bright purple eyes are surrounded in heavy black makeup.

Her familiar Siyah is unique – Zivah has encouraged her to present as her natural form. This form is that of a black blob covered in eyes, feathers, tentacles and teeth. Her favourite snack is beetles. Zivah thinks Siyah is adorable, and doesn’t understand why people find her familiar so odd.

Links to Zivah’s Character Sheet and Playlist

She runs a funeral home and mortuary where she does legitimate work for the people of Bailymena, as well as provide some side-services of speaking with the dead (both legitimately and perhaps not-so-much).

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