Gryphcon Live Game!

Second Release

Thanks to everyone who came out to our first ever Listen Party! Sharing our latest episode the day before it released as a live stream on our Discord community with live chat in our #spoilers channel was amazing! Can’t wait to do it again. 

Next up as part of The Runelanders Project MayHem collaboration with Gryphcon is our first ever LIVE GAME!

May 18, 2020 at 4pm ET, we’re running The Runelanders 2020 Convention Adventure – The Copperpenny Caper! And we’ve invited our friends from Gryphcon to play! Written by our cast and run by Adam, the podcast DM, don’t miss this awesome event. We’ll be streaming the actual-play live game on Discord with live chat in our #spoilers channel. 

Here’s the trailer for the adventure:

The Copperpenny Kids are one of the best street-gangs in Baileymena. Named for the infamous Copperpenny Alley of Crime Boss Thrasher’s Acre: Copperpenny Row. Sent on a caper for Thrasherthey have to break into the safe of notorious Pit Fighter Club Owner Grennick. It’s the job of a lifetime for the Kids that might cost them their life. 

This job, like so much in Baileymena, isn’t as easy or simple as it first appeared – and the Kids knew this was going to be the hardest job they’ve ever had. Caught red-handed, the Copperpenny Kids’ only hope of survival is to make it back to Thrasher’s club, Cerulean’s Loot. 

The Copperpennies hold their fate in their own hands as they are chased through Baileymena. Will the Kids be able to stay one step ahead of Grennick’s goons? Will they be able to race through the mean streets of Baileymena and make it back to Thrashers? 

Find out the thrilling conclusion of The Copperpenny Caper!

We’re also running a special contest. We have a bot that rewards levels for participating on the server. If the Gryphcon community hits a 100 new members before the end of May and those 100 members all achieve level 2, we’ll put a Gryphon in Season 3! Hit the goal early and we’ll share some awesome stretch goals as well!

Sign up NOW at When you join the server, in #welcome use the secret phrase “The Gryphon has landed” and we’ll give you the unique role of “Gryph-convert” on the server and count you toward the contest goal!

You can sign up for the Listen Party – there’s an event you can RSVP in the #announcements channel. 

Need help getting set up? Private message @syoebius#3579 on Discord and we’ll make sure everything gets sorted out. 

Sound like fun?! Okay Runatics – Let’s Role!

Listen to the latest episode free on Spotify now!

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