Eric Martin

I’m Eric Martin, yet another of Narri Hullu’s alternate identities and his agent in the mundane world. I’ve been representating various entities in Tabletop Game Universes since 1994 and am always looking to take on new clients.


•Narri Hullu•

Male Feyborn Fey-Pact Warlock
Season 1, Season 2.

Narri Hullu is a wiry young man with dark brown hair that just dries like that, green eyes that sparkle even in the dark and a smile that can melt butter from across the room. His slightly pointed ears hint at an Elvish ancestry but his neatly trimmed beard also suggests human roots. Although he favours a conservative jacket and trousers of dark grey linen, he combines it with a constantly rotating series of outrageously colourful patterned shirts and accessories. His hat is made from the subtly patterned hide of reptilian beasts from distant lands, with the iridescent feather of an exotic bird held in a band of fine silk. At all times he carries a small leather briefcase filled with legal and magical paperwork ready to deploy for any eventuality.

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