Chris Stocovaz

Hi, I’m Chris, but my friends call me, Stoco. I play Arabet in the Rapscallions podcast.

I began playing the red-box of D&D in 1981. I was eleven; the adults who pondered the game could not figure out how it was a game. It had a plethora of rules and tables and charts, but how did you play?

That disappointing first night awoke something in me. There had to be more in that box than the disapproval of the elders. I pondered the rules, I read the book carefully, almost memorizing it and then there it was: The potential of the rules made characters come to life in my head and I have been telling stories about adventurers ever since. Sometimes I game it out, other times I write it out, and when in the company of dreamers, I talk it out. That’s why playing in the Rapscallions is such a pleasure. Master players playing a masterful game.

Shout out to Gryphcon at the University of Guelph and to The Giddy Goblin in Hanover, Ontario. Both keep me trying new games and new stories.

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