Ettiene D’Arabette aka Arabet

‘Allo, the name’s Bet. Arabet if you want to be formal. I am the Master of the Lost Acre. Guild Thief. I’m Human and born and raised in Bailymena. I stopped celebrating birthdays a number of years ago. The seasons come and the seasons go and I get better with age. The scar? Which one: the one on my face? Yeah, got that on the Buster Job. It’s a long jagged thing that runs from my brown hairline down my jaw to my chin. My good friend, Mr. Stitch, saved me on that job… without him, I probably would’ve lost more than my face. I am a good five-nine in height, a little on the skinny side, and lithe and nimble as anything. If you doubt me, I’m happy to oblige you with the pointy end of my rapier that I sling at my left. But what you have to really watch-out for is my bolters. Shoulder slung, I’ve got a pair of Burly & Armstrong bolters that I am very precise in targeting. My ambition is to pull-off the crime of the century: The Boat Job. Ill-advised, warned-off, the Imperial Treasure Barge is the target. Now, if life would just get out of the way and allow me to sit-down and focus on it…

Arabet is played by Chris

Art by Fabrizio Art

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