Meanwhile: E01 – The BUSTER Job

For most who live in Bailymena the omnibuses, cable-borne gondolas, and elevated trains of the Bailymena Underground, Sky Transit & Elevated Rail System (BUSTER) are an everyday necessity which tends to blend into the scenery… yes, it’s impressive at first, but after a while you barely even notice it. Take a look back into the partnership of Arabet & Mr. Stitch as they take advantage of this fact in an ambitious heist set five years before either of them had ever heard of Narri or Zivah Hullu.

Cast & Crew

  • Mr. Stitch is expertly portrayed by Kory Mighty Fenris.
  • Arabet ‘s deadpan dexterity is described by Chris Stocovaz.

All music used in Runelanders is used under creative commons licencing, under license through SOCAN, or in the public domain.

This episode opened with “Buster Boy” by Big Rude Jake, then went on to feature clips from “Delilah” by the Platters and “Easy Way Down” by Snowpony before finishing with “Low Life” by X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons.

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